The monthly site traffic feature is sometimes called data transfer or bandwidth as well, yet all of the abovementioned names refer to the very same thing - how much info can be transferred to and from a shared web hosting account. The website traffic can be produced in just two ways, the more visible one being website visits. If somebody visits your web site, their web browser requests and downloads the webpages from your hosting server and then shows them on their end. The more site visitors you have, the more outgoing traffic is generated from your hosting account. Due to the fact that this particular characteristic includes the whole site traffic, not just your website visits, you shouldn't forget that incoming traffic is measured too. Which means site content and other files that you upload to the account using a file manager or an FTP software are counted towards your account allowance. Your transfer is generally tracked every month and the counter resets on the first day of each and every month whatever your actual registration date.

Monthly Traffic in Shared Web Hosting

We've selected the features of our shared web hosting packagesin such a way, in order to help the growth of every web site hosted on our advanced cloud platform. The traffic that your account can produce makes no exception, as a result with a web hosting plan through us, you won't have to worry about the amount of content being transferred to and from your account at any time. You will be able to host a couple of small-scale and medium-sized sites and make sure that the monthly traffic quota will not be a setback for their development. In addition, we supply in-depth monthly, daily and hourly stats which will give you more details for the site traffic that a particular web site generates or what kind of page/file is being downloaded the most and generates the most traffic. This type of info will help you plan the administration of your sites and your marketing strategies more efficiently.

Monthly Traffic in Semi-dedicated Servers

Considering the fact that our semi-dedicated servers are rather efficient, we've decided not to set any kind of limit for the monthly web site traffic that a given account can produce. We consider that if you need a hosting plan that features a lot of processing power, your sites will presumptively have lots of visitors and as each and every visitor makes a part of the site traffic, one could end up with unavailable sites in case there was some restriction for this characteristic. With truly unlimited website traffic, you will be sure this cannot happen. To save you time, you will be able to keep track of the info being downloaded along with the site traffic that is generated for each individual domain with hourly, daily and monthly statistics that will give you an idea how popular your web sites are. You will be able to even view particular pages and files that have made the most website traffic in the semi-dedicated account.

Monthly Traffic in VPS Servers

The monthly traffic allowance you will get using our VPS servers is sufficient for almost any type of website and it is proportional to the rest of the system resources that come with each plan. When you use a more powerful server, you can manage a lot of web sites or several really popular sites, thus the website traffic allowance for the superior plans is also greater. When you start with a low-end VPS package, you can easily upgrade at any time with several mouse-clicks through your billing Control Panel and the additional resources will be included in your current account, together with the increased website traffic allowance. Our VPS accounts are provided with a server administration panel where you can keep track of the used and remaining website traffic for the current month in addition to all of the other resources. We also send announcements once you get to 90% of your limit, so that you will have sufficient time to react and update if you find it necessary.

Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Servers

Using a dedicated server, you will have a very efficient website hosting tool at your disposal and the site traffic quota that you will get suits the rest of the characteristics. Your server can generate terabytes of website traffic every month, so that irrespective of the kind or amount of websites that you host, you'll never have to worry for them being not available as a result of not sufficient site traffic. To be on the safe side however, we'll give you the opportunity to upgrade this feature if needed. We will inform you well in advance if you get close to the restriction, so that you will have the time to upgrade or decrease the traffic by optimizing your data to avoid any disruption of the work of your sites. You can monitor the used and remaining website traffic for the present month from the management panel that we supply. The data there contains all the incoming as well as all of the outgoing transfers, like software installations and / or updates. In contrast, a hosting Control Panel provides more detailed info, however only for the traffic to and from a hosting account, not the server altogether.